Select the Best Security Door


It is highly impossible to settle on one right door, especially when you are keen to match the exterior and the interior of your house with its home features. There are a number of options such as fiber-glass, wood and metal. Here is a small checklist while choosing the best door with security.


  • The best option is metal when it comes to security. Wooden doors may look beautiful and elegant, aluminum and stainless steel doors give that extra edge to its protection. It also hardly corrodes and is not at all easy to break it down. However, if you still want to have a stainless steel door, you can have wooden lamination along with a range of its decorative patterns.


  • A good frame is one of the basic necessities to have a perfectly fit door. There should not be any spaces or gaps in between the door and frame. Do not go for weak frames.


  • Another important factor after selecting the right door is its installation. Get locks with good quality. There are two types of locks – single and double cylinders. Single cylinder has a knob to the door attached with a key; whereas with the double cylinder, you can open the door from both the side using the key. Always have a peep hole with multiple locks. Do not rely only on one lock. In addition, get duplicate and master keys of the lock. Also, make sure there is no key left with any of the Brookline locksmiths.


  • Have fire regulations according to the local council rules of security. You can be penalized if you do not follow any of their rules.